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I realized something today, There’s not one part of any of this that I’m good at.

I’ve been struggling for months…….I just can get out of my own way……I think way to much.

My entire life I’ve been a slave to someone else’s dreams and bank account.  Breaking my body, robbing time from my life, at times being mentally broken with stress.  As you’ve read previously I said screw it and went to work for myself.   See Rewind and Self Employment for a partial back story.

It was great until the work stopped coming.  So I learned something new….the art of making the phone ring.  Went well until I realized that I had turned myself into a slave again, trying to make other people dreams come true.  And some people got some dreams they don’t want to pay for and don’t want to wait anytime for.  Opps! I just did that thing where I complain about someone else and then realize that I’m doing the exact same thing in life right now,…. big dreams, no patience, and when it gets tough I just want to quit.

I always end up correcting my self when I sit down to write here.  I should write way more often.  But that’s one of the things I just sat down to complain about being hard.  It’s a pain to get started and I’m so easily distracted but when it starts to flow it’s not to bad.  Just gotta chain yourself to a chair and do it.

Anyways,  I was working my butt off again with no time or energy for the things I had begun the business for.

I realized one day that if  could make my phones ring enough to keep me too busy, I could probably do the same for someone else.  And if I could do it consistently I could possibly get a small sliver of their action for my services.   Example:  I use the internet and some tricks I’ve learned to generate some real leads for Joe Blow’s tree service company and Joe gives me some kickbacks.  Joe’s to busy trimming trees and and keeping up with employees and all that to learn all this, and … Read More

Dang Uncle!

Yeah It’s been forever since I posted.  Still a little bit of that lack of mental clarity going on,  but been crazy busy too.  We’ll get to all that someday.  Wanted to stop by with a quick update.

So I was visiting back home over the weekend, saw all the family.  Got to talking to my uncle (Uncle Tow Truck) about where life was taking me these days, and mentioned how I used his story on my blog (hate that word) and even gave his website a shout out.  So he tells me how great the business has been going and that he pretty much just goes in to the office to hang out. “That place just about runs itself these days” he tells me.   So much so that he started getting bored.

What to do, what to do? I got a brilliant idea, I’m gonna start another business.

Yup, you read that write, Crazy dude invested a big chunk of all that free time and money to start another business.  I’ve heard stories like this from successful people before.  I guess its true, we just got have something to do, gotta keep growing and being more than we were the day before.  I can’t wrap my head around it all right now, big shocker there, another great life lesson that I don’t have words to explain to you guys.

But I got it.  Invest in yourself.  Better than that invest in someone else.

That’s what uncle did.  His younger brother was ready to venture out on his own too, but didn’t have the funding or the business sense so much as my uncle had come to have.  But what he did have was some made skills working on cars, customizing hot rods; dude is awesome with a paint gun.  He painted my first car.  He decided it was time to start building his dream instead of slaving away building someone elses.  Check ’em out

If you got a dream peeps; Go for it, with all you got, go for it.  And when you get there, go after another one or help others go for there’s. Life is about being who you … Read More

Had to drop in

What the crap!

It seems like my last post was just days ago.

The last two weeks have been insane.   I didn’t realize how much I had neglected this place.  It’s been on my list for I guess two weeks now, didn’t know that ’till I dropped in.  Wow, I don’t really have the time or mental clarity to even share it all right now.  Just had to drop in and say  I’m still alive.

Will try to get back soon and make some sense out of all this.

Sorry for the quick visit grandma, gotta bounce…..J_red… Read More

“Money Hungry”

I get a lot of crap from people about what they call my “hunger” for money.

“Money isn’t everything you know”,  yeah, well you try living without it.

It makes me crazy that people hate on someone for trying to better themselves and make some money in the process.  The money in that equation is secondary to me, and it’s just an effect of learning and doing something new.  I’m after changing me, doing something different, growing, maybe break down a few walls, you know get outside of my comfort zone.  Hey, if I can do all that and profit from it to, why would I not.   Why would I not pursue something that makes me grow and potentially makes me more money than I’ve ever made?  Oh I know why, ‘cus that’s just being “greedy”.  I can’t handle ignorant people that don’t think before they talk or listen to the dumb stuff their saying.

Forget what those people say, those words will fill you head with lies that you can’t let yourself listen to.  Just tell yourself, I Got This, and don’t let those people get in your way.

Since we’re talking about money….I finally started that book I mentioned.

Money Master The Game.  

Seems like an appropriate time to share a few little quotes from the book.

“Money is a good servant, but a terrible master.” -Sir Frances Bacon

“you either use it or it uses you”

“you either master it, or, on some level, money masters you”

“The secret to wealth: Find a way to do more for others than anyone else. Become more valuable. Do more, Give more, Be More”  -Tony Robbins

Yup, I’m just greedy.  Deuces….J_Red

 … Read More

Self Employment?

Brilliant Right?

brilliant: shinning brightly; sparkling; glittering; lustrous    Yeah, it looks brilliant. No boss, no one telling you what to do, set your own hours, take off whenever you want, freedom.

brilliant: distinguished    Heck yeah!…I own my business!…I run this show!

brilliant: having or showing great intelligence, talent, quality    Well….quality…talent….heck yeah. Great intelligence…hmm.

Lets talk about my uncle for a minute, who decided after years of working for someone else to go at it for himself.  That guys been driving a tow truck since before he should of even been driving. Knew the business inside out, Loved it too.   So why not start his own towing service,   Brilliant right?  Heck yeah; until his phone rings in the middle of the night, money right? Nope, they just want a quote; Oh, it cost that much for you to get of bed and tow my car, I’ll leave it ’till morning. 2..3..4 times a night.  Or my favorite; my car got towed, do you have it?  He’d gotten out bed many times before to go tow a car, but he forgot that now he’d not only be the one going to get them, but the one answering the phone, even when the don’t end up paying you.

brilliant: splendid        Now me, It seems like I work more now than when I punched the clock.  I need to check on this, I gotta call so and so back, I’m out this, I need that……Work is always on your mind when its not guaranteed, when time off means no pay, and now your on the hook for everything;  Advertising, customer service, bids, materials, sales, and let’s not forget bills.

Am I saying don’t do it? Not at all, but think it through, think it through, think it through and then think it through some more.  It has it downsides and its rewards, but overall….”Heck yeah…I own my business!”

As for my uncle; He’s still running the show, but he’s not answering the calls at 3am anymore, heck he don’t even go out on those calls.  He tows ‘cus he likes it, 7am-3pm, the rest of ’em; employees. That can be a different set headaches,  but he ain’t working … Read More

The Renewed Mind

What’s up peeps!

After reading the last post I put up I wanted to share a video with you guys.   It’s a sermon from Bill Johnson at Bethel Church in California.  It has really lit a fire in me again on the issue of renewing my mind.  Like he says in the video, some things should be reviewed on a regular basis.  We tend to get lax in things as we go through the daily routine of life.   That’s where things can creep back in if were not on guard.  The renewed mind should always be at the forefront of our pursuit.  Actually that is our pursuit, to renew our minds to His, to His thoughts, ways and purposes.

Anyways I didn’t check in tonight to preach to you guys, I just wanted to share this video with you guys instead of my thoughts. So please watch and enjoy.  Bill has a few others on the same subject, just search around youtube if want to check them out.  And you should.  Deuces….J_Red

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I Got This

Been a couple days since I’ve put anything down on paper, or on screen I guess. The week has been a complete blur.  Wanted to fill in some holes for whoever may be reading this, but I’m blank.  I feel like I’ve worked myself stupid all week; all hours, and for what?  It feels like absolutely nothing, all striving, no thriving.  I go through this cycle daily of feeling like a complete failure and total burden to those around me, to having this total commitment to success, this knowing that I can do it, that I’m on the write track, you know, that I GOT THIS spirit.   I know there’s more in me than I’m delivering on a daily basis, I know that I gotta keep going. But at times it feels like there’s so much pulling me to give up, so many thoughts that tell me go get a “real” job, go beat your ass into the ground so someone else can get paid, go fund someone else’s dreams with your blood, sweat , and tears.

The hardest thing any of us has to do is overcome ourselves.

Man do I hate me, I know my faults, my weaknesses, my wrong mindsets, and boy do I go for ’em.  The devil is real peeps, and he’s alive and he’s living on the inside, feeding on the lies the world has told you, fertilizing the the memories of past hurts unresolved, tending to them until their roots set in deep in your mind. And then everywhere you look, you see what they want you see.

The un-renewed mind is our greatest enemy.

But it has been defeated. And it can be renewed.  And it doesn’t have to be as hard as I make it.  Christ has overcome all, but He is a choice.   A choice you gotta make every second of everyday.   Life so gets in the way making that choice. Its so easy to get sucked into the daily grind and forget.  If I can give on piece of advice it would be to do whatever it takes not to forget that.  Run to Him at any second, at any place, run.

There were days … Read More


So let’s rewind 12 years back for a whole minute. Twelve years ago a friend had this great idea that I should come work with him. My present employer had just screwed me over on a raise and they already weren’t paying me jack anyhow,  So I jumped at the opportunity to make more $$ and start a job that I thought might take me some where; so young, dumb and full of…..

It was fun for a while, learned a lot at that place,, some good, some bad.  I grew up working at that place, for that I don’t regret spending 10 years of my young life there.  But one day I woke up and realized that I was stuck, I felt like i was in prison.  I hadn’t seen a raise in 4 years maybe more, I hated going to work everyday, and I had a piss poor attitude about the company and the business.   I wanted more out of life.  I wanted……my life.

So after months of back and forth I quit. Since I was a teenager I had always been a handy guy; remolded my parents kitchen, built decks, etc.  When I bought my first house I completely remodeled the the whole thing, just learned as I went.  If I didn’t know how to do something I researched it until my eyes bled and then did it.  I became quite a craftsman in the process.   Always had people asking me to do work for them, never had the time.  It just seemed natural to do it for a living.  So that’s what I did.  Left behind the security of a steady paycheck to work for myself.

Brilliant right?

That seems like good stopping point for today…….Deuces…..J_Red

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What are we gonna do here?

Just wanted to give you guys an idea of what this site is going to be about.  That’s a cluttered box that I’m finding very frustrating to unpack and sort out.  But that’s kinda why I set this place up, so I can sort it out.  I guess to put it all down some place and see it as a whole and share what I’m figuring out along the way, I hope.

So life is changin’.  I’ve really begun to take a look at me, where I’m at, where I wanna go, who I’m supposed to be, who I wanna be.  Its a multi-dimensional journey; physical, mental, spiritual, who knows what else.   Not really sure yet how to go back to where this began and bring you guys up to date, but I will try over the days, weeks, and months to come.

But where am I at now it this journey?

Well, on the edge of a new career path; completely different waters than anything I’ve previously done, scary.  Currently reading a book about money, ‘cus I’d like to have some one day. I’d like to have enough to give some.  Money cannot buy happiness or peace of mind but it can free you up from the chains that keep those things just out reach for most of us.

Anyway, back to the money book, its by Tony Robbins, cool dude. If you’ve never heard of him check him out on youtube or his website

Ok, its late, I’m probably starting to bounce around and not make sense here, you’re probably still asking yourself what we’re gonna do here.  Its all good, I’m still asking myself that.  My brain is starting to melt, so I will be signing off now, I will not be proof reading this post, ‘cus I can no longer see or think staright. Hope it makes some sense.

Check back soon, I’ll start filling in some blanks in the posts to come. Deuces…..J_Red… Read More


Thanks for checking out the new digs.  Just getting moved in and unpacking all the boxes.

Will be getting this place pimped out in the days to come, so be sure to cruise back by to see whats goin’ on. Deuces…..J_Red… Read More