Monthly Archives: June 2016

Dang Uncle!

Yeah It’s been forever since I posted.  Still a little bit of that lack of mental clarity going on,  but been crazy busy too.  We’ll get to all that someday.  Wanted to stop by with a quick update.

So I was visiting back home over the weekend, saw all the family.  Got to talking to my uncle (Uncle Tow Truck) about where life was taking me these days, and mentioned how I used his story on my blog (hate that word) and even gave his website a shout out.  So he tells me how great the business has been going and that he pretty much just goes in to the office to hang out. “That place just about runs itself these days” he tells me.   So much so that he started getting bored.

What to do, what to do? I got a brilliant idea, I’m gonna start another business.

Yup, you read that write, Crazy dude invested a big chunk of all that free time and money to start another business.  I’ve heard stories like this from successful people before.  I guess its true, we just got have something to do, gotta keep growing and being more than we were the day before.  I can’t wrap my head around it all right now, big shocker there, another great life lesson that I don’t have words to explain to you guys.

But I got it.  Invest in yourself.  Better than that invest in someone else.

That’s what uncle did.  His younger brother was ready to venture out on his own too, but didn’t have the funding or the business sense so much as my uncle had come to have.  But what he did have was some made skills working on cars, customizing hot rods; dude is awesome with a paint gun.  He painted my first car.  He decided it was time to start building his dream instead of slaving away building someone elses.  Check ’em out

If you got a dream peeps; Go for it, with all you got, go for it.  And when you get there, go after another one or help others go for there’s. Life is about being who you … Read More