Self Employment?

Brilliant Right?

brilliant: shinning brightly; sparkling; glittering; lustrous    Yeah, it looks brilliant. No boss, no one telling you what to do, set your own hours, take off whenever you want, freedom.

brilliant: distinguished    Heck yeah!…I own my business!…I run this show!

brilliant: having or showing great intelligence, talent, quality    Well….quality…talent….heck yeah. Great intelligence…hmm.

Lets talk about my uncle for a minute, who decided after years of working for someone else to go at it for himself.  That guys been driving a tow truck since before he should of even been driving. Knew the business inside out, Loved it too.   So why not start his own towing service,   Brilliant right?  Heck yeah; until his phone rings in the middle of the night, money right? Nope, they just want a quote; Oh, it cost that much for you to get of bed and tow my car, I’ll leave it ’till morning. 2..3..4 times a night.  Or my favorite; my car got towed, do you have it?  He’d gotten out bed many times before to go tow a car, but he forgot that now he’d not only be the one going to get them, but the one answering the phone, even when the don’t end up paying you.

brilliant: splendid        Now me, It seems like I work more now than when I punched the clock.  I need to check on this, I gotta call so and so back, I’m out this, I need that……Work is always on your mind when its not guaranteed, when time off means no pay, and now your on the hook for everything;  Advertising, customer service, bids, materials, sales, and let’s not forget bills.

Am I saying don’t do it? Not at all, but think it through, think it through, think it through and then think it through some more.  It has it downsides and its rewards, but overall….”Heck yeah…I own my business!”

As for my uncle; He’s still running the show, but he’s not answering the calls at 3am anymore, heck he don’t even go out on those calls.  He tows ‘cus he likes it, 7am-3pm, the rest of ’em; employees. That can be a different set headaches,  but he ain’t working all the time no more.  He’s put in the grind, the striving, the long hours, and now he gets the freedom.

I think I just gave myself a pep talk.

Man, these post never go where I plan for them to.  I’m not sure I know what the plan was now.  Oh well, hopefully this will be useful to someone else too.  I’m done staring at this screen for now, catch y’all later.    Deuces…J_Red