The Renewed Mind

What’s up peeps!

After reading the last post I put up I wanted to share a video with you guys.   It’s a sermon from Bill Johnson at Bethel Church in California.  It has really lit a fire in me again on the issue of renewing my mind.  Like he says in the video, some things should be reviewed on a regular basis.  We tend to get lax in things as we go through the daily routine of life.   That’s where things can creep back in if were not on guard.  The renewed mind should always be at the forefront of our pursuit.  Actually that is our pursuit, to renew our minds to His, to His thoughts, ways and purposes.

Anyways I didn’t check in tonight to preach to you guys, I just wanted to share this video with you guys instead of my thoughts. So please watch and enjoy.  Bill has a few others on the same subject, just search around youtube if want to check them out.  And you should.  Deuces….J_Red