So let’s rewind 12 years back for a whole minute. Twelve years ago a friend had this great idea that I should come work with him. My present employer had just screwed me over on a raise and they already weren’t paying me jack anyhow,  So I jumped at the opportunity to make more $$ and start a job that I thought might take me some where; so young, dumb and full of…..

It was fun for a while, learned a lot at that place,, some good, some bad.  I grew up working at that place, for that I don’t regret spending 10 years of my young life there.  But one day I woke up and realized that I was stuck, I felt like i was in prison.  I hadn’t seen a raise in 4 years maybe more, I hated going to work everyday, and I had a piss poor attitude about the company and the business.   I wanted more out of life.  I wanted……my life.

So after months of back and forth I quit. Since I was a teenager I had always been a handy guy; remolded my parents kitchen, built decks, etc.  When I bought my first house I completely remodeled the the whole thing, just learned as I went.  If I didn’t know how to do something I researched it until my eyes bled and then did it.  I became quite a craftsman in the process.   Always had people asking me to do work for them, never had the time.  It just seemed natural to do it for a living.  So that’s what I did.  Left behind the security of a steady paycheck to work for myself.

Brilliant right?

That seems like good stopping point for today…….Deuces…..J_Red