What are we gonna do here?

Just wanted to give you guys an idea of what this site is going to be about.  That’s a cluttered box that I’m finding very frustrating to unpack and sort out.  But that’s kinda why I set this place up, so I can sort it out.  I guess to put it all down some place and see it as a whole and share what I’m figuring out along the way, I hope.

So life is changin’.  I’ve really begun to take a look at me, where I’m at, where I wanna go, who I’m supposed to be, who I wanna be.  Its a multi-dimensional journey; physical, mental, spiritual, who knows what else.   Not really sure yet how to go back to where this began and bring you guys up to date, but I will try over the days, weeks, and months to come.

But where am I at now it this journey?

Well, on the edge of a new career path; completely different waters than anything I’ve previously done, scary.  Currently reading a book about money, ‘cus I’d like to have some one day. I’d like to have enough to give some.  Money cannot buy happiness or peace of mind but it can free you up from the chains that keep those things just out reach for most of us.

Anyway, back to the money book, its by Tony Robbins, cool dude. If you’ve never heard of him check him out on youtube or his website www.tonyrobbins.com.

Ok, its late, I’m probably starting to bounce around and not make sense here, you’re probably still asking yourself what we’re gonna do here.  Its all good, I’m still asking myself that.  My brain is starting to melt, so I will be signing off now, I will not be proof reading this post, ‘cus I can no longer see or think staright. Hope it makes some sense.

Check back soon, I’ll start filling in some blanks in the posts to come. Deuces…..J_Red